A schema-driven XML editor for the web
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Other web-based XML editors

In the unlikely event that Xonomy does not satisfy your requirements, here is a list of links to other XML editors that work in a web browser.

XML editing is a complex use-case which can be approached from many angles. Some tools listed here go for a WYSIWYG approach (What You See Is What You Get), trying to make an XML editor look like your ordinary word processor. Others go for a tree-view or some other WYSIWYM approach (What You See Is What You Mean) where the user is exposed to the underlying structure rather than its eventual appearance. Others still go for a look where you are (or appear to be) editing raw XML source code — this is the approach Xonomy takes.

If I seem to have forgotten someone, please let me know.

Commercial editors

‘Freemium’ editors (basics for free, advanced features for payment)

Free and/or open-source editors