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Computational grammar of Irish

This is a partial resource grammar of Irish (ISO 639-1 ga, ISO 639-2 gle), written in Grammatical Framework. I would classify it as a "midi" resource grammar: its coverage is larger than the "mini" resource grammar from chapter 9 in the GF book, but not large enough yet to qualify for membership in the GF resource grammar library.


This grammar lives in just a single resource module ResGle.gf and provides a more-or-less complete treatment of the "nouny" bits of Irish: nouns, adjectives, pronouns, noun phrases, prepositions. It has many gaps, including the complete absence of any treatment of verbs and clauses. Still, it should serve as a solid base for a full Irish resource grammar in GF, should someone decide to write one in the future.

There is also a concrete module MiniresourceGle.gf which "plugs" the resource module into the mini resource grammar found in the miniresource folder on GitHub. It also contains a quick and dirty workround for the lack of verbs in the resource module.