MBM's Grammatical Framework corner

This section of my website is where I'm collecting work I've done with Grammatical Framework.

Computational grammar of Irish »

An always-evolving, never-ending effort to add Irish to the GF resource grammar library.

Pidgin mini-resource grammar »

A tiny, super-simple mini-resource grammar in a fake English-like language. People can use this as a starting point to write mini-resource grammars in their own languages. I did!

GF syntax highlighter for Notepad++ »

I use Notepad++ to write GF code, and if you do too, you may find this useful.

Phrasomatic (www.phrasomatic.net) »

An experimental, multilingual sentence generator built with GF.

About Grammatical Framework

Grammatical Framework (GF) is a programming language for writing computational grammars of natural languages. Grammars written in GF are:

  • Bidirectional: you can use them to generate strings from syntax trees, as well as parse from strings into syntax trees.
  • Multilingual: you can combine several language-specific grammars into an application which generates texts in several languages simultaneously from a single language-independent meaning representation, and parses from a string in any language into such a representation.

GF is a good technology to look at if you're interested in:

  • Rule-based or hybrid machine translation that uses an interlingua.
  • Natural language generation, either multilingual or monolingual, where GF can serve as a microplanner and surface realizer.

Last but not least, GF is open source, supported by an active community, and sporting a resource grammar library in over 30 natural languages. For more, go to the GF website »